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Information for Patients

Needing an operation and an anaesthetic can be an anxious time. We are always happy to discuss with you any concerns that you have about your forthcoming anaesthetic, but below are a number of the most frequently asked questions.

Your Consultant Anaesthetist is a doctor who has specialised in the care of patients having surgery. As a result, he or she has many roles in addition to giving an anaesthetic.

Sedation is a state of calm and relaxation produced by a sedative drug. It is usually given into your vein (IV or intravenous), but can sometimes be given by mouth (oral) or through a face mask. Read our leaflets below for more information on what to expect.

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This online resource explains in detail how the team at the hospital will prepare you for an anaesthetic and what you can expect before, during and after an operation.

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This PDF leaflet explains what to expect when you have an operation with a spinal anaesthetic.

It has been written by anaesthetists, patients and patient representatives, working together.

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This PDF leaflet explains why and how additional body weight can cause added difficulties and risks during surgery and anaesthesia. It also highlights what can be done before, during and after surgery to reduce these risks.

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The first section of this PDF leaflet explains what the airway is, why anaesthetists need to manage it and how they do this during your anaesthetic.

It also explains how anaesthetists assess your airway ahead of surgery for any potential problems and the common risks associated with airway management.

The second section explains more detail about what happens if the management of your airway requires more planning and preparation.

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This PDF leaflet explains what to expect from your anaesthetic when you have an operation to replace your hip or knee. It has been written by anaesthetists, patient representatives and patients, working together.

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This leaflet is for anyone who is thinking about having a nerve block for an operation on the shoulder, arm or hand. It will be of particular interest to people who would prefer not to have a general anaesthetic.

The leaflet has been written with the help of patients who have had a nerve block during their operation.

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