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The Norwich Anaesthetists Group has its own schedule of fees, which reflects the quality of service provided by the partners and the group. This level of service has no doubt influenced your surgeon in selecting the Norwich Anaesthetists Group to provide anaesthetic care for your forthcoming operation.

There are many different health insurance providers, each with a variety of policies, offering different levels of cover. On occasion, the Norwich Anaesthetists Group fee may be above the level of benefit offered by your insurer. In these circumstances, the insurer may not pay our fee in full, resulting in a 'shortfall' for which the patient is liable.

We are very happy to provide an estimate of the anaesthetic fees, so that you are aware of any potential shortfall, prior to surgery. If you have your full insurance details, we are happy to liaise directly with your insurer, but our contract is with you, the patient, rather than your insurance company.

To calculate the anaesthetic fee for your procedure you will need to enter the OPCS code into the search box (e.g. W3712: Total Hip Replacement). If you have been given more than one OPCS code, each code needs to be entered individually. Our fee for multi-coded procedures is then calculated as 100% of the highest fee + 50% of the second highest fee.

If you are asked to attend an Anaesthetic Assessment (usually arranged ahead of your operation date) please note this may not be covered under your insurance policy. Our fee for this is £90.00 and is billed separately to your operation.

If you experience any difficulty calculating our fee for your forthcoming operation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to be of assistance.

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